Return to Natural Law

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Photo credit - Kylli Sparre

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1. Prologue (for piano & string quartet)

2. There Is a Gentle Way to Survival (for piano & string orchestra)

3. We Dance for the Joy (for piano, sinfonietta orchestra & cranes)

4. The Sea Shaped My Heart (for piano)

5. A Quantum of Luck (for piano, string orchestra, keyboard & drums)

6. River Beneath the River (for piano)

7. Interlude (for string orchestra)

8. Muted Li(v)es (for piano & sinfonietta orchestra)

9. As Angels In Flight (for piano)

10. Chant for the Moon (for piano)

11. The Earth Will Bloom Again (for piano, string orchestra & keyboard)

12. Epilogue (for piano)

"Return to Natural Law" Album Preview

"Return to Natural Law" is my second self-released album. It's all instrumental, featuring my original compositions for piano, strings, sinfonietta orchestra, etc. The album holds a special place in my heart – I hope you can feel it when diving into the music/

River Beneath the River

Piano piece from the album "Return to Natural Law"/